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IES Valentín Paz-Andrade

EB 2,3
Rio Tinto

2000 Galician-Portuguese
in Rio Tinto
 since Nov. 26 till Dec. 5 

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Monday 27

10’00h. Arrival to school Escola Básica de Rio Tinto.
       Greetings and visit over the school facilities.

13’00h. Lunch with the mates in the school lunchroom.

15’30h. Activities and introduction games in room 6M with the classmates.

        Writing a personal Diary.

18’30h. Back to the Youth Hostel.


Tuesday 28

10’00h. Starting school.

10’30h. Going out to Rio Tinto with a reception at Junta de Freguesia (Local Authority) and walking the town.

13’00h. Lunch at school.

15’30h. Participation in 6M classes. Geography and History of our own. Work groups.

Our textbooks.


18’30h. Back to the Youth Hostal.


Wednesday 29

10’00h. Starting school.

10’30h. Trip to Gondomar, with a reception at the Town Council.

13’00h. Lunch at school.

15’30h. Wall displays and writing of letters to the other schools in our Comenius Project.


Thursday 30

10’00h. Roles and figures for shadow theatre.

           Sport activities and traditional games.

15’00h. Computer session: Galiza and Portugal in the Internet.


Friday 1

Public holiday, Day of Portugal Independence (from Castilia - Spain)

10’00h. Touring the city of Porto, visiting Galiza Square and  the monument to Rosalia de Castro, as well as the bust of Luís de Camões at the Tejo rivermouth, with a little tribute to both poets from these twin homelands.

     Lunch outdoors (if the weather is fine) or at the Hostal.


Saturday 2

10’00h. Walking the central Park of the town, and trip to Leixões and Leça da Palmeira.

Lunch at the Youth Hostal.

17’00h. Disco session.

19’30h. Back to the Hostal.


Sunday 3

10’00h. A visit to Museu de Serralves.

              Lunch at the Youth Hostal.

14’30h. Tour to S. Jacinto or Gaia (Natural Parks).


Monday 4

9’00h. Activities report. Finishing posters for display board and letters. Rehearsal for the afternoon festival.

13’00h Lunch at school with the mates.

15’30h. Shadow theatre.

           Songs, music and dancing.



Tuesday 5

9’00h. Farewell party.

          Cooperative, traditional games and sports.

13’00h. Lunch.

           Saying goodbye (so long and keep in touch!).

* * * * *

Organizers: IES Valentín Paz-Andrade and EB 2,3 Rio Tinto.

Subsidiors: Xunta de Galiza (Galiza's Government), European Union and IES Valentín Paz-Andrade.

Acknowledgements: Junta de Freguesia de Rio Tinto, Câmara Municipal de Gondomar and Concello de Vigo (Local Authorities).