Watch some photos of our Galician-Portuguese 2000 Meeting. The video we recorded shows better what we did in Portugal those ten days. We're trying to include some views in our dancing tape.
They were ten exciting, wonderful

We are working on this page at the moment. I'm still growing everyday!

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Hi from Rio Tinto! I'm Dani -the happiest one- and my "flags assistants" Alfredo and Cris. These are the Portuguese and the Gondomar's flags. Gondomar is the council district which Rio Tinto belongs to.

These are the teachers who worked the most to make the Meeting real ...and really nice. They have been (at) the doorway to Rio Tinto...


These guys were the authentic mean characters, the old penfriends who were -at last!- all together: the 6M from Portugal, and the 2A from Galiza.

have a look at our
activities program,
if you didn't before.

Here's a galician-portuguese football team, showing our commemorative T-shirt.

Click here and try to write our names on the virtual board. How many can you remember?


We'll go on next day... See you! Mail us from here.